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Birth Order Effects: Myths

Birth Order Quiz

This is simply a fun quiz to see whether or not birth order really does affect our personalities .

What position are you in your family birth order?: (circle one)

Oldest    Middle    Youngest    Only    Other

1. You have a very busy week ahead and need to get organized so you:

A) Make a to-do list

B) Look over your calendar and make a mental note

C) Go with the flow, you’re not too worried

2. You are at a family gathering and you find yourself squished between Aunt Deloris and Uncle Herbie, what happens next?

A) You talk their ears off about anything and everything

B) They talk your ears off about anything and everything

C) You’re counting down the minutes until you can escape

3. Your best friend asks you if you want to go to Vinnie’s Pub this Thursday, you say:

A) It sounds like fun, but I have a huge midterm Friday

B) Sure! My parents won’t even notice I’m gone

C) I’m there! What time do drinks start?!

4. Your bedroom/dorm room is:

A) Fairly tidy, everything has its own place

B) A little on the messy side

C) A complete disaster

5. You’re trying out for the school soccer team, what position do you want to fill?:

A) Starter and Captain

B) Doesn’t matter, I just want to make the team

C) Whatever position gets me in the headlines of the newspaper

6. You had to submit a piece of art work for your final assignment in art class, how did it turn out?

A) You created a perfectly sculpted replica of the Eiffel Tower

B) You won the award for Most Creativity, simply a masterpiece

C) Your dog ate it

7. Your idea of an adventure would be:

A) A well-planned ski trip with a few close friends

B) A random road trip

C) Something risky (sky diving, bungee jumping etc.)

8. You’re working in a group on a major school project, you:

A) Assign tasks to every group member and work hard to ensure the quality of the project

B) Do your share of the work load, no more, no less

C) Wait for someone else to take the reigns and do your share the night before the due date.

9. Every year at your family reunion you play a big game of football together, during the game you:

A) Gather up your team in a huddle to talk about your strategies

B) You wandered away and no one hate football anyway

C) You’re the quarterback, you can’t wait for all eyes to be on you

10. Your mom left you a list of chores to do today, you:

A) Complete the chores early so the rest of the day is yours

B) Work on the chores off and on throughout the day until they’re finished

C) It totally slips your mind, they don’t get done

If personality is affected by birth order and you scored:

Mostly A’s: You are most likely the oldest child or an only child. You take on leadership roles and strive for perfection. You interact well with adults and are not afraid to take on responsibility. You are usually confident and laid back. People often have high expectations from you.

Mostly B’s: You are most likely the middle child or "other". You may feel inferior, unwanted and misunderstood. However you tend to have great social skills and are very creative.

Mostly C’s: You are most likely the last born, or the baby. You tend to be outgoing, a risk taker, with great social skills. You may enjoy being in the spotlight. However, you may sometimes be a bit absent minded.

If you did not fit into the appropriate category according to Birth Order and personality characteristics than we have shown that these generalizations are very broad and stereotypical."Human beings are too complex to be stuffed into narrow pigeon holes."

-Townsend (1997)




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By: Holly Clarke and Ashley Muise